New Insync version: 3.8.7


  • Linux: Fix startup crashing in openSUSE Leap 15.5
  • Linux: Update CA certificate search paths
  • Linux: Upgrade psutil version
  • Linux: Fix issue where Insync does not start on boot in KDE
  • Fix navigation not working after onboarding
  • Linux: Handle relative paths when using open-cloud and open-share-dialog via CLI
  • Linux: Fix issue where used size shown is incorrect for LUKS partitions
  • Fix “Learn more” in 1-way sync dropdown being unclickable
  • Fix wrong dashboard url for Insync Care users
  • Handle some cases for Google Drive accounts wherein Insync doesn’t recover from an error unless restarted or a different drive is browsed
  • One Drive: handle nextExpectedRange errors when uploading.
  • Linux: Fix issue where files from some NAS setups aren’t being detected
  • Update help center URL shown in the info prompt when invalid characters are replaced.
  • Fix re-authentication issues on Google Drive when an account is used in multiple Insync instances via alternative/web login

Windows 7 and later

Ubuntu (16.04 Xenial), (18.04 Bionic), (20.04 Focal), (22.04 Jammy), (23.04 Lunar), (23.10 Mantic)
Linux Mint (18.x), (19.x), (20.x), (21.x)
Debian (9 Stretch), (10 Buster), (11 Bullseye) , (12 Bookworm) , (13 Trixie)
Fedora (27), (28), (29), (30), (36), (37), (38), (39)


Is the debian repo still “” ? I haven’t seen this update yet.

I use deb bookworm non-free contrib as my repository line, and jut got the new version.