New subfolders not syncing


Using the latest version (1.4.9) under the latest and greatest Window 10 Pro (version 1903), I recently turned off Insync, added a new drive, copied the contents of one subfolder to the new drive, deleted the subfolder, mapped the new drive to the subfolder (a NTFS capability) and then turned Insync back on.

I have noticed that newly created folders and files under that subfolder are no longer being synced, do not have the Insync badge and do not have the Insync submenu when selected.

How can I get Inqync to refresh that subfolder properly?


Hi @Gary_McClellan,

Can you please download our latest stable version (1.5.7)?

You can download it via:

Let me know if this fixes your issue.


I have upgraded to 1.5.7. The issue remains. Note that American Gods S02 is not in the Insync list, but is in the directory list.




I have resolved the issue. Instead of using a NTFS mount of the new drive to a directory, I mounted it as a drive, moved all the files to a subfolder on that drive and then did a hard link/junction to the existing directory structure that Insync was syncing.

It can now find all the subfolders and syncs them appropriately.