No app window in new installation of 1.5.4.x


Xubuntu 18.04 (xfce); tray icon is visible but no app window shows when clicking. App was set to not sync during installation, but without window, I cannot turn on syncing.


Hi @Lance_Eames,

Can you let me know if running insync quit then insync start on your command line lets you access the app window?


Hi, I have the same issue and run the commands as suggested. it restarts the app and the tray icon appears but left or right clicking has not effect on the app.


Hi @David_Sharp,

Are you also on Xubuntu 18.04 (xfce)?


There is no change after restarting the app.


Hi @Lance_Eames,

Please run insync start --no-daemon and send me the output. :slight_smile: You can do so here or via email at with the link to this post.