No downloading while scanning/removing on linux


I’m using insync 3.8.2 on linux, with an gdrive account that contains lots of small (cache) files and a few big files.

All these files are created/deleted every day by some process outside of insync.

What happens most of the time is that insync seems stuck scanning/removing all the small files, all the while the green progress bars of the big files do not move at all, or very slowly.

I don’t understand the reasons:

  1. why is removing a 1000 files hogging 1500% of CPU power?
  2. if there is a legitimate reason for point 1), why is the downloading of files that were already started not progressing in the background?

I would think that downloading files first should be the priority.

Hi @gvb1234!

I’d be happy to forward this issue to our engineers and see why 1 & 2 are happening on your setup. Could you please send the ff files to

  • logs.db
  • out.txt

These should be in ~/.config/Insync on your machine. Thank you!