No more systray link to the folder?

Hi team!

Thanks for you new release. I’m facing a change of behavior that really bothers me. In the previous version from the systray icon it was possible to access with a right clic to the shared folder: “Open jeff folder”.

This llink is now removed and I have to browse my files to reach my folder each time now. Do you plan to stay with this feature removed ?

Hi Jeff,

You may do so on the app itself:

Thanks for your answer, but unfortunately really not practical. Force me to open this window (and then close it) each time I need access to my folder. It double the nuber of clicks I need to do.

Back to Dropbox till it’ll work like this.

Got it, sorry for the inconvenience. We’re going to support the functions we had on 1.5 – particularly the right-click functionality soon.

Happy to hear it, I’ll try when the new version will be out.
Thanks for the support.

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