No non-interactive / unattended add_account command in 1.5


Previous releases of insync would allow you to ‘insync-headless add_account -p [path to folder] -a [auth code]’ and it would just add the account.

The current release now forces an interaction with the CLI (you need to say ‘yes’/‘no’).

This means I can’t do an unattended setup of insync. Can we restore the ability to add an account in a way that can be scripted?


Hey @hundred17,

You can go to – login – it should give you an [AUTH CODE]
insync-headless add_account -a [AUTH CODE]

You won’t be able to automate it because of the yes / no question after. :slight_smile:


This doesn’t really answer my request. Are you saying “no, insync will not consider restoring a previously working ability to add accounts in a scriptable way”?


FWIW, if someone wants to restore the scriptable add_account you can do something like this:

expect -c “spawn insync-headless add_account -p [path-to-google-drive] -a [auth-code] ; set timeout -1 ; expect -re “.*yes/no]\r” ; send – “yes\r” ; expect eof”