No permission to add [filename] (action required)


I have a folder in my GDrive shared with me by someone else for which I have only READ access. I accidentally dropped some files into the local version of this folder on my Mac. Insync then attempted to upload them to the shared folder and was unable to as I have only read access. I have removed the files from the local folder, but I now have a number of the following errors in my Insync under “Actions Required”.

“No permission to add [filename]”

The only options in the dropdown list of actions are:

Request edit access, and

I do not want edit access to the folder, and clicking Retry does not fix the problem.

How can I clear these errors?


UPDATE: After an hour or so, I tried pressing “Retry” again on each message and the errors did not come back. All good now.


Good to know @simport! I’ll close this Topic since you were able to fix this issue. :slight_smile: