“No permission to delete [file name]” (actions required)


“No permission to delete [file name]” - file related

Happens when a file is deleted locally, and the user only has read-only access to both the file and the containing folder.

How to resolve

Click on the dropdown arrow button and select one of the options:

  • Restore - will re-download the file
  • Retry

List of error messages you may encounter in the Actions Required tab

I would like to suggest that you add a third resolution to this error: “Unsync”

Instead of restoring a file that I don’t want to sync from GDrive, I would like to unsync this file selectively. Is that possible?



Hey @John_D_Wilson!

You can unsync selectively but not via the Actions Required tab. :slight_smile: We’ll take note of your feedback and it’s much appreciated!