"No permission to remove [...]" while I do have permission

When I delete a shared file (owned by somebody else) on my PC, Insync often tells me I don’t have permission to do so, like this:
The stupid thing is that I do have permission to do so, and I now always have to go to GDrive web to actually delete the file.
Pressing retry does not resolve this. Currently using Insync version

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Hi there, is the file in your My Drive, Shared with me, or Shared drives?

Hi, thanks for the reply.
The file is in a shared folder (of which I do have full editing rights) on my personal Drive.
Hope this helps!

Hi Everybody, Hi

The same as stated by hermandirkzw

The “No permission to remove…” message and the wihite on red x continues even i version 3.0.25.

The work around is… crazy and completely (or almost) makes Insynch unnecessary as hermandirkzw said.

If I want to delete something form my Mac drive it doesn’t matter if the file is “mine” or “shared” from somebody. I’ll get the error in 3 seconds. Let’s imagine that I do want to delete it.

I’ll have to go to my “mother” Google Drive and delete the file there. Then, since the file is not in its original place anymore Insynch syncs and there is no error anymore in my Mac.

Also, if I forget and delete a file, belonging to one of my Insynch folders, from my Mac disk, once the message and the little white x appears the only way of putting this x away is to go to my Mac the Bin and Put Back the deleted file (and go to my Google Drive to delete it there).

This is very awkward and kind of misses the point of Insynch existence.

And you know? I am with you, I think, from your very begining (7.5 $ per Google drive) and I never had any problem with your software runing in my Macs.

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Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. We’re currently studying this and plan to fix this behavior. We understand this was better handled in our former 1.5 versions.


I thought I was the only one going absolutely mad with this. I can’t stand this for much longer! Sadly rolling back to the earlier version is not an option as I have a huge amount of files I can’t afford to take downtime for to re-sync at the moment.

It really feels as though 3 has brought more problems along with it than benefits sadly.

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Is there anything that we can do in the mean time as a workaround?

For now it’s really a manual process of going into Google Drive and deleting it from there as we try to reintroduce this behavior. I apologize for the hassle

I have the same problem here.
I agree with milehighsounds that upgrading to version 3 has more problems than benefits, at least for me.
I have 3 licenses in my company, two in Linux and the other in Windows Server 2012R2. The last one runs as a Windows service. Even I know that there isn’t officially support, (https://help.insynchq.com/en/articles/2853790-windows-running-insync-as-a-service-on-windows-server ) the application hangs every week, this problem does not exist in the previuos version of Insync.
It’s a shame …

Hi @Mauro_Bufarini,

Could you let me know if you sent your log files to support@insynchq.com? If not, it would be very helpful for our investigation. Please include a screenshot of the error message and if you were trying to remove the file locally or via Google Drive web.

Thank you!

Is there any update to this issue? It is incredibly frustrating to me that I cannot delete files without going to the website!

Hi @NateJC,

We addressed this issue in 3.0.28. Please stay tuned for its release this week. :slight_smile: