No read access error when uploading - Retry fails


I regularly face an error when uploading files. Seemingly the size does not matter, it happens with a few KB to several MB files. On the Errors tab it says Can’t upload [Filename] - No read access.

When I click Retry it drops the file into the Progress tab and it finishes in a second or two - regardless of the size of the file. If I check it online, I find that the size of the file created is 1 KB, even if the original file was much larger (e.g. MB’s).
The file contains the following:

The only option is to open the sync folder on my PC and select the right-click option Force sync one by one. The client does not recognize that the online file has a different size than the local one any more, and this is a problem because it makes me think that my file was uploaded correctly - while it is not.

Any help / suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

– Csaba

Hi @Csaba_Egyud I will tag our engineer @dipesh in this and he will get back to you :smile:

@Csaba_Egyud: Please send to us the Insync logs at


Hi jaduenas,
Thank you!

Hi @dipesh, thank you for your answer. Do you only need logs.db or other files too?
E.g., I have a cef_out.txt file which contains a series of error messages like these:

[0622/] Failed to read DnsConfig.
[0726/] No data resource available for id 4747


Hello @Csaba_Egyud: We need logs.db, out.txt and cef_out.txt files. Those errors appear to be harmless.


Hi @dipesh,
Just to be sure, did you receive the log files? I sent them on 30 Okt.
No pushing, just would like to know that the files arrived.


Hi @dipesh
I am having this exact same error. I am a new user to your software.
Is there a fix for this?

Hello @DSCondon,

Are you experiencing this for specific file types? Are those files being created by some program? Please send to us the Insync logs at


Hi @dipesh,

I just wanted to come back to you to let you know that the problem is still happening and I already know the reason of it.

When I compress a bunch of files (large archive, long time to create) directly into the synchronized folder structure then Insync tries to sync it asap. But since the file is still locked by the archive app, Insync cannot open it for even reading - and it would not make too much sense to sync a half-baked file anyway. So, the file appears in the Errors tab with no read access message - correctly.

What I suggest is to be able to set up an automatic retry period for these errors. I mean two new settings:

  • No. of retries
  • Minutes between retries.

Say, I want Insync to retry to upload the file automatically two times, and wait 1 hour between retries.
It is because I need to manually click the retry button every time. And after an hour or two, it always syncs the files successfully.

Can you add this feature in the client please?

Thank you.