No subdirectories in Shared Drives dir?

I have installed insync-headless (Linux Debian 10) and finally managed to start it with:
LC_ALL=en_US.utf8 insync-headless selective-sync
This brings up a nice UI, and I can select various directories and subdirectories which I can mark to be synced or not.

The problem is the “Shared Drives” directory.
When I enter the “Shared Drives” directory there is no subdirectories at all.
When I select the whole “Shared Drives” to be synced, still only this dir appears under googledrive/Shared Drives, and it is empty.

Why is there nothing in the “Shared Drives” directory?

Unfortunatelly, “Shared Drives” was the reason I purchased Incync, “Shared Drives” directory is the only one I need. Please help.

Hi @Danijel,

Let me check this out with our engineers and will update you accordingly.

Could you please confirm what your insync-headless version is? For reference, we are currently on

Hi again @Danijel!

After running insync-headless selective-sync, could you press Ctrl+X? It should show a menu and you can select Switch to Shared Drives to view folders in the Shared Drive. You can choose which directories/files to sync afterwards. :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t see this myself…
Works, thanks!

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@Danijel No worries!