No such file or directory error

I am using a single GDrive account on Linux mint 20. I have the premium version.

I have had the following error in my console since installing Insync two weeks ago:

The error is related to adding an item from GDrive, but it not existing. I tried hitting refresh, but the error persists. Is there any reason insync keeps trying to pull some non-existent file?

I have the newest version as of today. Thank you for any help/guidance on this!

Hi! Can you locate the file indicated in the file path and try to resync this? If you don’t want to sync it anymore, you can delete it. Then click Retry on the error message. Let me know if this works! :slight_smile:

The file does not exist on Google drive. When I am on GDrive for web and make a copy of another file in the directory (file1 -> Copy of file1), it gives me an error in the inSync console, which tells me that insync is not parsing this directory right, or is out of sync in some way.

Any idea what could be going on here?


Hey @mseckykoebel,

Mind if we check your logs further? :slight_smile: From the looks of it, this file might be an insyncdl file but we just need to check to make sure. You can send it over to with the link to this post. The logs.db should be in ~/.config/Insync.


I have a similar issue with Google Drive on Linux Mint 19.3
Did you ever figure out what the problem was?

Hi @suenteus thank you for posting here and my apologies for the trouble! Right now, we have not deployed a permanent fix for this specific error, but I’d be happy to check your case to see if it provides a clearer lead! Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt files to These two can be found in ~/.config/Insync :slight_smile: I’d appreciate if you could also include the link to this post for easy reference! :slight_smile: