Not start syncing anything after reboot the PC

After I start the PC the Insync shows a message “singing in” for at least two hours. I try login alternatives, but does not work. I unable to sync a file unless I let my computer turn for hours.

Hi there, have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the app?

I tried and it didin’t solve the problem. And now I have to sync all files. :frowning:

Were you able to select your original folder to sync?

Hi have the same issue, but I think is normal, imagine you have a hundreds folders with thousands files , insync has to check all them , and also all the TeamDrive folders. I have 390000 files and 42000 folders (683GB) and it takes about 3 hours to start up. I have it in a file server that syncs all the local information to the google team drives.
If I have to restart it I always plan it to do it during the night so in the morninig everything is running up.

So sorry for the late response. Can you send in your logs with the link to this post to so we can check this out?
How to find the log files