Not syncing a file with the name "start"

Insync ver 3 on Fedora.
Not syncing a file with the name “start”. I tried to reboot and restart insync several times. Then I actually had to rename the file (which is not ideal) to get it to sync. Maybe it worth mentioning that the file is an exe file.
update: I though that it did sync it because the check mark finally appeared after renaming. but when I restarted, same problem is back again.

Hi @Ehsan_El_Nakhala,

Can you confirm if this happened on 3.0.15 or 3.0.16? Furthermore, do you have any ignore rules set on file names containing “start”? If not, have you tried with other .exe files to see if the same sync bug happens? :slight_smile:

Hello Miamoran,
It is 3.0.16 and it is not in my ignore rules. Other exe files are syncing with no problems. However, I have tried to download this file manually from my gdrive and chrome thinks it is a virus. I think this has something to do with this. The file name is start.exe and it is a file that came on a CD with a book (publisher Jossey-Bass) I bought and I have upload it to gdrive because I did not want to lose it.
The question now, is insync has its own provision to detect problematic files?

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