Not syncing (macOS El Capitan)

1.4 beta version number: 1.4.1
Operating system: El Capitan 10.11.6

Issue: Nothing seems to be syncing in either direction. If I say to sync something that’s up on my Google Drive it doesn’t appear (anywhere that I can find) on my local computer. If I drag something from my local computer into my Insync personal folder (as opposed to Team folder) it doesn’t seem to be syncing to the cloud.

I’m very unsure as to what this new version is supposed to do. For one thing, I don’t see much use in only being able sync individual folders or files if they’re on the top level.

thanks for reporting @Jonkwilliams. Do you see anything in the Progress tab? Any error messages?

When you open the Insync app, do you see green checks on any of your files?

Please send your log files to so our engineers (cc @jimperio @marte) can investigate this further.

The files and folders you sync don’t have to be on the top level. You can expand the Google Drive folders (you see in the Insync app) with a double-click.