Not syncing PDF with modifications due to comments

I’m using Ubuntu 20. When I comment a pdf file, it gets edited (last modification date and the highlights), but insync is not detecting and downloading the new version. Everything else works perfectly. Is this not implemented?


Hi @ishar,

Did you mean that Insync doesn’t indicate that it’s syncing the changes at all therefore cloud copy isn’t updated? Or did you mean that you’re editing/commenting on the cloud copy of the PDF and Insync is not syncing it down to your computer?

Hey! Thanks for answering.

2nd one. I’m editing/commenting on the cloud copy of the PDF (I’m trying this in multiple devices, it’s not that I have the pdf edited locally in one device only) and Insync is not syncing it down.

Here’s the cloud version, check the time


Local version

Gotcha-- could you send the logs.db and out.txt files to so we can take a look if there’s a limitation with PDFs? These files are in ~/.config/Insync :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, has a solution been found?

Hi @martijnwitjes,

I’m going to follow this up with our engineers-- we’ve had some reports in the past about cloud to local sync issues. Does this persist if you navigate to the file in question on the app?

After I disconnected my account from the app (running Kubuntu 20) and reconnected it, syncing worked as normal again. Thanks anyway, and I’ll be back if the problem returns :slight_smile:

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