Not syncing, UNLINKED; but still knows account details


I’m running Insync on a Sheevaplug (ARM) system. I had installed previously and noticed it had stopped syncing, so I installed Now it’s in the odd situation that “get_status” says “UNLINKED”, but “get_account_information” correctly reports the email address, licence info and quota usage. I tried “add_acount” but that says “This account is already being synced. Account info updated.” It sounds like something is inconsistent in Insync’s view of the world. It looks similar to this thread: Stopped syncing, Status: UNLINKED

Is there a way to get it working again without redownloading everything? (about 14GB) I’ll send the logs.db and dbs folder to support in case that’s helpful.



New Insync version: 1.3.24

Please do send it to with the link to this post so we can investigate this further :slight_smile:


Thanks @jaduenas I have just sent it.



I’m seeing the same issue on my raspberry pi (Raspbian Stretch Lite, Was not occurring on the version immediately prior. manage_selective_sync loads the interface for a while and then reports an Insync process communication error. I’ll also email!


Support said an engineer would contact me but I heard nothing :frowning:️ so I moved the data aside, deleted ~/.config/Insync and started over. It took a while but seems to be OK.


I have this issue on a Raspberry Pi. Did this issue ever get resolved?


It appears that when it says UNLINKED but knows your account details, then that means that it is scanning your drive

Or at least, that what seems to happen every time I quit and start the process

It will show UNLINKED for a few hours (I have over 2 tb of files to scan) and then it will show SYNC

It isn’t intuitive at all