Number of remaining dl/ul

I’m really sorry for what I’m about to say, but UI/UX wise, this app, that once I loved and adviced so much, is getting worse and worse after every release and somehow buggy (tons of problem syncing cross-platform).

Just 2 examples:

  1. How in the world you thought that eliminating the counter for the remaining download/upload would be a great idea? So basically, in a real world scenario, I’m in the office and I have to upload a folder to continue working from home, It’s crucial to me to know, approximately, how much time your app is spending to finish the upload. Right now it’s just somewhat an act of faith: I have to seat down and stare at your app hoping It will end as soon as it can. Do you find it user friendly?

  2. To open the main folder on my computer, whether it’s on Mac o PC, I have to click (1) on the app icon, then on my account icon (2), then on the button “My Drive” (3) and ultimately select “Open Base Folder (4). So to open my Drive folder I have to click 4 (four) times!!! This is not so clever, don’t you think?

Hope you guys will seriously take into account these issues for an app which I still consider the best on the market.


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Thanks for your input! We did receive feedback regarding the progress queue and will be raising this again to our product team :slight_smile:

Re: main folder-- would love to hear your input. :slight_smile: What would be the most efficient way for you as a user? Would a right-click functionality work?

Sure, it would very useful to have a right-click functionality on the icon of the app.

But most of all, the counter for remaining dl/ul is essential for the usability!


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