# of Remaining Items Keep Increasing


On my desktop, Insync seems to try something; however, the number of remaining items keeps going high.

Then, I tried to de-select all the item to sync to stop Insync. Nevertheless, it did not work at all. Insync keep checking the files and the number of remaining items goes high.

What can I do for this?
My PC always make tiny I/O …

@mas: Right now, Insync scans your entire Google Drive even if you have selected only a few files/folders to be sync’d. As long as the file count is moving, you should not worry about it. Let us know how it progresses.


I know Insync scans entire Google Drive.
Yesterday, the remaining files were 120,000+ and today it’s 130,000+.
Can you say the number is correct? I cannot create more than 10,000 files a day.

@mas: It wouldn’t have been done with the scanning during the previous run. Kindly share the dbs folder and logs.db file to support@insynchq.com so that we could confirm if it is progressing fine.