Offline tray icon status relies on google-analytics?

The offline tray icon status is a useful feature but it appears to rely on access to When running a DNS-level blocker this domain is typically blocked, which causes the tray icon status to repeatedly cycle between connected and disconnected states. Obviously this isn’t unexpected when the offline status check relies on google-analytics, but I wonder if it could instead be implemented with more neutral domains such as e.g.

Hi! Could you please disable “Anonymously send user data to Insync”? You can find the steps in this guide, under “App settings”. Let me know how it goes!

EDIT: Restart the app afterwards

Thank Buddha for that, the flickering was driving me crazy, and left me with a lack of confidence in the upgrade. It’s obviously because of PiHole DNS on my network.

Turn off the “Preferences” -> “App Settings” -> “Anonymously send usage data to Insync” checkbox and restart (required) the client. All good.

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Oh yah, I should edit my original reply to include restarting the app. Thanks for pointing that out! Glad to know it’s sorted out :slight_smile: