Old files appearing and a broken promise

Everytime I sync a new device (just setup a new install on my laptop), a bunch of files that I’ve deleted in the past, appear in my Google Drive’s root in Windows. These files do NOT appear on drive.google.com. Frankly, I have no idea WHERE these files are coming from. Because they’re also not present in drive.google.com’s trash bin; trash bin is empty.

Notably, they only seem to be zip files, as well as files I deleted, but with a .gddoc extension tacked on the end of them.

Also, I’m still hoping for dual-boot support between Windows and Linux, which I was directly told by a insync rep would be supported over a year ago.

Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to support@insynchq.com so we can investigate? How to find the log files

I apologize for the delay in this feature, this is currently not in our priorities as of now but we will be keeping this in mind for future builds. No ETA yet for this, I’m afraid.

Just send the email!


Hello @Alexandre_Botelho,

They must be the publicly shared/“anyone with the link” shared files that accessed on Google Drive web while logged-in to your account. For such files, Insync offers you a choice: whether to sync them or not, during setup under “Shared with me” and under “Incoming shares” (if they did not show up during setup) and under the “Selective sync” section. You may simply choose “Don’t sync” when you receive such “Incoming shares”.

Please note that you can’t delete the files that you don’t own. They remain associated with your account until they are un-shared by their respective owners.