On one of my machines, it says my license is expired and I have purchased a 7 day trial plan?

I just turned on a test system that I don’t use much after it being off for a few months.

Insync shows in the feed that “I have purchased a 7 day free trial plan” It also gave me a warning that my license has expired.

What’s up with this? I just have the one account that I purchased. So far this nonsense hasn’t shown up on the computers I use daily.

@Bill_Miller Thank you for reaching out, and I apologize for the trouble you are facing!

I assure you that your license is active on our end. It looks like a number of license holders were affected by a backend change in our UI and licensing endpoint. We are working on a fix to avoid any further interruptions on your workflow.

Could you let me know if refreshing your license helps? If it doesn’t, please send your logs.db and settings.db files to support@insynchq.com so we can have this checked.