One Laptop, One Desktop. Need Surety on How to Sync via Insync


OK, here’s the wrong scenario: I loaded Insync on both my laptop and PC desktop. In some way I don’t understand and don’t need to, when I tried to have the laptop sync my Google Drive data on one of the two (Google) accounts, Insync nuked all my drive data for one of the two accounts.

Now, I’m starting over: Using my PC desktop as the mothership, I’m again uploading the data to Google Drive through Google’s web browser interface. Next, I want both the PC desktop and laptop to treat the Google Drive data as the Insync master, and downloading all the Google Drive data into the proper folder for both the PC desktop and laptop.

What’s the most straightforward way to configure Insync on both the laptop and desktop, so I won’t again delete Drive files by mistake, and so Insync happily synchronizes the Drive files between computers. Do I remove and reinstall Insync on both computers?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Hi there, this might be a case of interrupted sync that’s why the files got deleted. Just configure it on your desired location and make sure the sync is continuous before modifying any of the data on your drive.

Thank you :smile:


Danke schoen :smile:


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