One way sync/additive sync


I want to set up folders on a couple of machines where any added content is uploaded to a specific Google Drive location. But I only want files to be added - if I remove files from that folder on the computer, they should still be available in Google Drive. (one way sync, or “additive” sync)

This is very useful for building a large photo library with pictures from multiple sources/machines that has limited disk space.

Is this possible with insync or is it only capable of standard two way sync?

New to this program - unable to backup local folders to Google Drive

@roqvist Insync is a two-way sync tool. One-way sync is not yet possible right now. We have this as a feature request. I will +1 you on this. :smile:

As a work-around, you may use the selective sync to unselect your files from your Google Drive

Use the Add to Insync option to add your files to Google Drive.

Let me know if this works for you. :smile:


Is there any progress on one way sync? I’ve been using insync to keep a git-folder synced between two machines, and now on one of the machines the folder is corrupted – git status reports “fatal: bad object HEAD”. I don’t see a way out of it short of deleting the folder and transferring it manually using “rsync”. Two way sync is a fundamentally hard problem – what to do when the same file got modified on two different machines? Google Linux Drive client got canned because this kind of sync couldn’t be made to work fully reliably. I would trust a 1-way sync solution better



Any update on this? One-Way sync would make life so much easier.



Hope this is coming in the big update to InSync! Would be a great feature.


Really need this feature, two-way sync today ruined all my files.

Otherwise, I would never use this software again.


I too would love to see this feature added! I never have the need to update or sync files to my Google Drive from the Insync client - I only need data to be synced “down” from my Google Drive to my PC.


I would love to see one way sync but from local to google drive sync only meaning if I delete local it still stays on google drive. But drive doesnt sync back down to local


Any update on 1 way sync? This would be a huge feature over the new Backup & Sync tool by Google.


+1 on this for me too. Sad that it’s been over 2 year since the original post. This is a hugely much needed feature, with security implications. It’s extremely common for people to use their Google Drive as the “storehouse”, and just because I delete something locally, doesn’t mean I want it removed in Google. Virtually any syncying software I’ve every used, has conflict resolution settings to control what you want to happen. A simple - “Google always wins” setting would be a huge step forward.

Any updates on where this feature stands???


I really need this too badly, need to sync from linux to google drive, not the other way around! Destroyed my backup.


I like the insync software and would like to thank you for it, but the one-way sync feature was the first thing I was looking for in such software! It is a shame that it is not available! I wonder what is the reason behind your reluctance to implement it despite all the requests?


Hiya, just wanted to add my vote to this feature. I want to use Google Drive as a backup store for some folders, but I don’t trust Google not to mess up/delete my files (it’s happened before!) and have that synced back. A one-way sync would be amazing!