One way sync needed

Is there a one way sync option in the works? I want to sync Gdrive to my PC at all times, but NOT vice versa. This is a far safer setup also to avoid file deletes, and I only need it this one way. It is like a Gdrive backup.

yes this is coming and is already being tested internally.


Good, I want this option too.

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Also another reason for this is if you sync from Gdrive to your PC and choose to translate the files to MSOffice, the resulting files are then synced back to GDrive as Office files, thus really cluttering Gdrive. So I will use the one way to sync from Gdrive down to my PC, but not vice versa. This becomes a simple backup then for me of my Gdrive, and the conversion to Office is far better than backing up a .gdoc file.

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That’s awesome to hear. Any way to have users also participate on this feature. Really looking forward to it so I can finally get rid of my other 3rd-party tasks.

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We’re releasing this feature in an upcoming version @JeyD02 :slight_smile: