Onedrive not syncing on Linux after upgrade

Hi @dagdrommer,

Thank you for following through with an update. It seems like there’s a problem with immediate changes while Insync and the machine are running. Let me add this to the investigation. I appreciate your time looking into this!

Hello again,

I was investigating a little more and I need to correct myself:
The problem seem not to be related if a machine is running or not. Files that are added or changed with native Microsoft apps (on smartphone, Office Online, OneDrive-Client) are ignored by Insync (except during the initial synchronization).
If a file is added or changed by Insync, the synchronization issue with another Insync device or Microsoft-Application does not appear.

I would appreciate a quick fix.

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Thank you for the additional information. I’ll follow this up with our team since it’s more commonly affecting OneDrive users it seems.

I have the same problem here.

Hi @ecollado,

Please send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post, if you haven’t! :slight_smile:

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Hi Mia,

unfortunately, the issue came back today - I again have changes in folders on OneDrive that are not synced back through Insync automatically.

Do you need / want logfiles?

Thank you!

With best regards:


Yes please that would be great if you could re-send your latest logs.db and out.txt files @Christian_Frank!

Hey guys! Same here: updated Insync for the last version and the bug came back :frowning: :frowning:

Hi Mia, just sent you through email my files too.

Thank you @Christian_Frank and @rafaelverardi for sending the log files after updating to 3.3.5. I appreciate your efforts!

Hi @miamoran! Any news regarding this matter?

Hi! Jumping in for Mia.

We’re still building the fix for this and we’ll send you all an email once the fix has been released! :slight_smile:

For users who are experiencing this for the first time, please send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post.

Sending us these files helps us investigate the issue faster and makes sure you receive the email for the fix release as well. :email:

We appreciate the help and patience you’ve extended to us, everyone! :blush:


Hi Mara! Great, looking forward for it!


Hey everyone,

as I use onedrive privately, but also have one account for work purposes I couldn’t wait anymore until the sync issues get fixed.
As I spend already a lot of time to fix my Insync client on my own and reinstalling it; I today had enough. I removed insync from my Linux-PCs and installed the onedrive client by abraunegg (free and opensource). I know its just a cli tool, but it actually works! After the first run it was crazy to see how many files, I haven’t thought about, Insync hasn’t synchronized about the last couple of months. It took me 15min to set this tool up and I recommend everyone who just uses onedrive in Insync, without Google drive to give it a try until Insync fixed their issues.

I’ll probably check Insync out in some couple of months, but I think my relationship “with you” need a bit of time and distance.

I appreciate the friendly support by @miamoran and @mara.


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Hi! We understand and thank you for the feedback. We hope to see you with us again soon! Watch out for any of our emails as well regarding this issue. :slight_smile: