Onedrive not syncing on Linux after upgrade

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop, Insync (also

After one of the last updates I noticed that Insync would not synchronize changes on OneDrive back to my Linux host (the other direction is fine).

To solve the issue I have to open the Insync interface and go to the selected folder - as soon as I do that, all outstanding syncs for that folder are being processed.

Restarting the application does not help, doing a Pause / Resume sync also does not trigger a full rescan, only selecting the Folder in the GUI will work.

What can I do to get back to the old behavior where changes on OneDrive would be reflected on my local disk almost immediately?

Anything I can do to trigger a full rescan?

I’ve already send the log files to the support email address, but haven’t heard back

Many thanks in advance and best regards:

Christian Frank


Hi Christian,

It seems like a cloud to local sync isn’t triggered here. Are you making changes from another computer or are you doing it from the same Linux machine (ie using multiple computers)? Also, is your Base Folder (sync location) within the local computer or on a network drive/NAS/external drive?

I also can’t seem to trace your log files in our inbox. Strange. Could you please resend it to and let me know here when you’ve sent it?

Hi Mia,

many thanks for your kind reply! I’ve just sent the log files to the support email address.

To answer your questions:

Are you making changes from another computer or are you doing it from the same Linux machine (ie using multiple computers)?

Yes, I’m using multiple computers - changes I make locally are synchronized immediately, changes I make from another computer (or the web) will not get synced back. The only way (as of now) to force a sync, is to navigate to the folder in the GUI - that will immediately sync all outstanding changes; restarting Insync or Pause/Resume does not help.

Also, is your Base Folder (sync location) within the local computer or on a network drive/NAS/external drive?

The Base Folder is on a locally mounted file system; I have two accounts - the Google Drive sync has a Base Folder in the same file system and works perfectly fine.

It seems like a cloud to local sync isn’t triggered here

Any way I can trigger it manually?

Many thanks in advance and best regards:


Hi, experiencing the exact same problem here, on Mac (Catalina 10.15.7) and OneDrive account. Changes I do in one machine do not automatically get synced in another, unless you manually open the folder on Insync GUI, only then the files are synced to that local folder.

Hi Rafael,

thank you for sharing - so we now know that the issue is most likely not tied to a specific installation or OS, but more likely a general problem with the notification from OneDrive. That should make fixing it easier!

Cheers: Chris

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Thanks Chris, please try to fix this ASAP, cause it’s causing a huge mess for us :slight_smile:

I experience the same issue on OS X

Hi @rafaelverardi and @nicam,

Do you have the same setup as @Christian_Frank’s wherein changes made in the cloud/on another computer are not syncing to local, unless you navigate the files in the app?

Could you also send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? Here’s how you can locate these files:

Thank you and happy holidays!

Hi miamoran! Email just sent with the requested files, thank you and please let us know if you can fix this!

Happy holidays!

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Hi Mia,

any update on this?

Any workaround you could provide, such as a manual sync trigger or a safe backdate (to 3.1.7, for example)?

Many thanks in advance and best regards, stay safe,


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Hey guys, still waiting for this as well!

Hi @rafaelverardi @Christian_Frank

Thank you for following up! We currently have not deployed a fix for this yet since our engineers are looking into the cause of the sync issues. Apologies for the delay!

@Christian_Frank-- since you’re on Linux, do you recall the last version before this issue started? I can send you that build.

Hi Mia,

thanks for your kind reply!

I am sure that 3.4 and 3.3 have the issue, I’m not sure about which 3.2 version - I’m on Ubuntu Focal Fossa, which version would you recommend? 3.2.1 or the latest from that branch, 3.2.9?

I’m happy to backdate and report on the outcome - from the databases and structures, is a backdate safe?

Thank you!

Hi Mia,

Could this have been a server-side issue from OneDrive?

For two days now, it seems that cloud changes are being propagated back to my local file system again; as far as I can tell, all pending changes have been processed. Also, in the feed, I now see again OneDrive cloud changes.

How is it for you @rafaelverardi, @nicam?

With best regards from Cologne, stay safe,


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@Christian_Frank Appreciate your quick update! We’re unsure yet if it was indeed from OneDrive but let me bring this up with our engineers nonetheless.

@rafaelverardi @nicam do let us know if there have been any improvements in the last couple of days so we can check further! :slight_smile:

Hi guys! Apparently, all the files previously not synced were, indeed, synced over the last couple of days.

Tomorrow I will know for sure, as I will check my other machine in my office and see if all the files I have been working on lately (from home) were automatically synced there.

Cheers from Brazil, stay safe!

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Appreciate the update from you, @rafaelverardi. Keep us posted if anything changes.

Keep safe as well!

Hi Mia, indeed everything went back to normal, files are syncing automatically again! If the problem shows again, I will let you know.

Thanks for all your help and kind attention.

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No worries at all. @rafaelverardi!

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Hey @miamoran,
another Linux user here, using insync I have the same problem for a couple of months, but just looked for a solution now. And I cannot confirm @rafaelverardi answer: 5 minutes ago it did not synced correctly.
I observed though, if I make a change in OneDrive (online or the original app), while insync is running actively on my Linux-Machine the sync is NOT triggered. If my Linux machine is switched of while the change happened, the sync works flawlessly.

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