OneDrive Support



I have seen mention of feature support for OneDrive for business but how about just plain vanilla OneDrive support? With 1TB included in Office 365 subscriptions it is an attractive cloud storage option.

Is OneDrive support on the roadmap?




We’re looking into this but we will let you know if we have finally decided to support :slight_smile:


Hi there. I have been a long time Insync user and would greatly appreciate the ability to add my Onedrive accounts to Insync. I have multiple work teams with some using Google and some on OneDrive. To be able to have everything work like a charm would be fantastic!!


OneDrive support would be certainly welcome. :slight_smile:


Hmmmm, a good idea, but I’d be adding DropBox, Box and Mega support at the same time. A sure way to rope in a whole new market of users tired of having one client daemon per service, and the fact that yours is way better than most that are provided!


Thanks for the feedback, everyone! :slight_smile: We’re definitely looking into supporting OneDrive soon. I’ll +1 you guys to this feature request. :smile::


Thanks Insync Team! :kissing_heart:


Insync Lover and OneDrive user!


Would love to see insync integrate Onedrive. 1TB+Office makes Onedrive a really attractive option for many, I think.


Thanks for the feedback @Zenith_Gurgel and @monoprix! OneDrive integration is definitely something we’re looking into! :slight_smile:


Hi Gregory,

Every day I use Linux Mint 19 to do a significant amount of research and writing, but I rely on Windows 10 and MS Office to do the heavy word processing, like formatting and compiling large documents which must be readable and editable by a number of people. I also do a fair bit of research and writing on my iPad, which includes photographing and OCRing archival material, note-taking, and syncing to Onedrive. While Google Drive works fine, Onedrive is surprisingly well integrated in Windows 10, iOS, and MS Office. Adding Onedrive to Insync could make work seamless across devices.

I would also add that Onedrive’s pricing for the 1TB+MS Office on 5 devices is a major selling point for many people, including myself. I use Google Drive reluctantly, and only because your client for Linux makes using Google drive so much simpler than any alternative. But I’d much rather use your client for Onedrive in the future.

I hope this is useful.


Always happy to help, @monoprix! If you don’t mind me asking, how will Insync fit into your workflow as a dual-booter? :slight_smile:


Woops. I replied just above and can’t seem to delete the post to reposition it here.


Thanks so much for the awesome feedback, @monoprix! We’ll definitely take note. :slight_smile: Cheers!


Happy to help. :slight_smile:


Just to add another voice to this feature request: I am considering to buy “GoodSync”, but after years of smooth Insync use, I would rather pay again the full Insync price.

Please let we know a date.


Hey @Bruno_Pasquali,

We’ll definitely keep you in the loop! :slight_smile:


+1 for onedrive support.


Given the faux par currently underway by Dropbox right now, OneDrive might be suddenly of more interest in the Linux world - if only there was a tool like this for OneDrive! (so yeah, +1 for OneDrive!)


We hear you, @Josh_King and @falconapps! :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback!


A BIG +1 for support for OneDrive on Linux. I could really use this.