OneDrive sync overlapped with GDrive

I have a folder which i am backing up to GDrive. The unfortunate fact is that some subfolders in there are already synced to OneDrive - basically it’s a knowledge base of the company for which i’m contracting. So i thought that “Unsyncing” those subfolders would do, but strange things are happening. The unsynced subfolder is deleted immediately and OneDrive goes mad, wanting me to log in again and throwing clueless errors like “please try again” when i try to resync that deleted subfolder. InSync keeps showing the unsynced subfolder even when it doesn’t exist. Did i misunderstood the Unsync feature? Am i trying to do something prohibited? Mind that i can’t use Insync for that one specific OneDrive, because i have just Prime and OneDrive is of the contracting company. I have tried it and it shows that i’m on Teams Trial which i don’t need.

Hi @starvin_marvin!!

So sorry for the trouble you experienced! :frowning: Can you walk me through the setup? Did you use that GDrive folder (which was syncing to Backup & Sync) as your OneDrive Base Folder?

Unsyncing removes the local copy, but keeps the cloud copy. Were the subfolders deleted from either Google Drive or OneDrive web?