OpenSuse Leap 15.3 - valid repo

The suggested instructions for Leap 15.2 are not applicable for 15.3. On another laptop with Leap 15.2 I have no issues following 1

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @Nasko,

Let me forward this to our engineers for further investigation - I also got your email following up on this and have responded :slight_smile:

Many thanks Mia,
I’ll be looking forward to hearing from them.

Good morning Mia,IOSYNC team,
Any news please?
THE YUM XML repository at iosync domain still lists OpenSUSE 15.2 as a last valid Leap repo:

Hi @Nasko!

Thank you for following up - I appreciate it! :slight_smile: Our engineer is off for the weekend to recharge for the upcoming week, but I will make sure to check back with him for updates on this.