Option to enable slashes in folder names

Hi there, it’d be awesome if Insync could support slashes in folder names.

I just synced Insync with an existing local copy of folders, and any folder including “/” in the name got duplicated and uploaded to Google Drive, including my many shared folders :disappointed:

Would’ve loved if this just “worked” out of the box with slashes

Just curious, which file system/OS supports / in file names. To my knowledge neither windows, Mac, nor Linux allow this.

macOS supports it in file and folder names, though I can’t speak to Linux or Windows

Hi @stuartolivera,

Thank you for reaching out and my apologies for what happened. I’ll escalate this to our engineers because a user has also reported a similar issue. Could you let me know if you were able to send your log files to support@insynchq.com? :slight_smile: If not, please do so and include a link to this post. :slight_smile: