Out of memory: memory leakage?

Hey @mia,

Any updates? It’s been over two months since the last one. I can also say that there is a small memory leak even when Time Machine is not running. After restarting Insync it its at around 300MB of memory usage but will increase to around 1.0GB after a few days without a restart of the program.

Hi @cdixon1!

Our engineers continue to investigate this issue as it seems to be more complicated than we expected. I’ll follow it up with them. Am I understanding that you’re on v3.7.6 at present?

Hi @miamoran,

I appreciate the quick response! Are you able to let us know in any way how it is more complicated? It would go a long way in letting us know you are committed to solving the issue!

And yes, running v3.7.6.50356. I restarted Insync last night (was at ~275 MB), and right now it is sitting at 580 MB of memory usage.

Let me get more insight from our engineer and I’ll update you here! :slight_smile:

Noted on the current version and spike on memory consumption.

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Hi @cdixon1!

So sorry for the delay and thank you for waiting! As per our engineer, the testing and investigation became harder to replicate after the initial Time Machine lead and fix that we deployed in v.3.7.3 :disappointed_relieved: The testing didn’t happen consistently after we received reports + logs from users who still experienced the memory leak after updating their app.

Hi @mia,

Thanks for the update. What I have noticed recently is that the memory usage goes up when any sort of data transfer is happening on my computer. For example, the other day I simply copied a large file to a network storage location and Insync’s memory usage increased. Even just downloading a large file seems to have an effect.

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Hi @cdixon1,

We will check into this lead! Thank you very much for always sharing your updates and feedback to our team :slight_smile:

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Hi @mia,

Just checking in here again. Any updates?

Hi @cdixon1,

We will be updating this thread when we have more updates and developments into Memory Leak issues. We sincerely apologize for the backlog and appreciate your patience with our team.


Hi @mia,

Another check-in. How are things going on this?

Hello, @cdixon1!

We will be prioritizing performance improvements in the current and succeeding cycles and I am going to have this re-investigated so that we can (hopefully and finally) put the memory leak issues to rest. :slight_smile:

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Any progress on this?? Its still eating up a lot of ram over time on mac

Hi @Eric_A. Please refer to my response here. Thank you!

I commented over there:

with this:

Before Quit Insync

After Quit Insync

Thank you, @Jamie_Browning! I have also responded to the other thread :slight_smile:

Hey, just wanted to check-in here as there haven’t been any updates since November of last year. Any news? I am still having to quit and re-launch Insync daily on two different machines to keep its memory usage under control.

Just want to reiterate that I’m still having issues. I just got a popup from MacOS stating that my system has run out of memory with InSync taking up 45 gigabytes of ram.

I gave up and switched to iCloud+.

Hi guys,

For a bit of background I stopped using InSync full time around their train wreck version 3 release in September 2019, although I tested it out once or twice since, but there was still bugs.

I’ve just installed it on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS against a Google G-Suite drive and it’s seems okay, looking around 200mb use and CPU idling at 0.1% once fully synced. This is promising, finally something stable?

Are these memory and CPU issues sorted on Linux now?

InSync doesn’t have a memory leak in Linux for a very long time. Mine is handling a Dropbox and a Google Drive, and sitting at 195MB of RAM use.

Only keep in mind that, when you want to sync or unsync a large tree, it gives no indication of what it’s doing, so it’s wise to wait until it settles down.

Otherwise there are no problems.