Out of memory: memory leakage?

v3.0.27.40677, MacOS Catalina, two different computers.
GDrive + OneDrive
Occasionally, the Macs run out of memory. Insync has has blocked all available memory and swap file. Looks like a memory leakage problem.
Quitting and restarting removes the problem until a couple of days/a week later when it appears again.
Did not happen with GDrive alone, added OneDrive about two months ago, but Insync has also been updated since then.

Hi @tedde59,

This is a known issue that our engineers are looking into. Do you mind confirming if you have a large sync ongoing at the time this memory leak occurred? Please also send your logs.db and out.txt files, and send it to support@insynchq.com with the link to this post. :slight_smile:

Having the same issue (same version)- just synching GDrive. Don’t think there was a large sync when this started but hopefully logs will tell. Will send email to support and reference this forum posting as suggested by @miamoran


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I am having a similar issue with Insync on Linux Mint 19.3. I am running the same version as OP. I am in the process of doing the first sync of my Onedrive, which is about 35GB. It appears to be "QtWebEngineProcess --type=renderer … " that is actually using most of the memory. My system has 4GB of RAM, and Qt was using 1.9GB of it before the swap file kicked in and started slowing everything down. Closing Insync closed QtWebEngineProcess with it and RAM was once again freed.

I can try and provide log files etc if someone is willing to explain where I might find them.

Edit: Got the correct name of the process that is using RAM.

Hi @wittsend,

Could you send your logs to support@insynchq.com so we can look into this further? This is to check if it’s related to the memory leak that MacOS users reported previously.

Thank you!