Paid license, but not showing

Hello. I am a paid license holder of Insync, and happy with the product. Although, I cannot get the new version to work on my Debian system at the present time, I am sure it will work eventually as it stabilizes.

So, I reinstalled the previous version which works fine. The icon shows in the system tray correctly, and syncing is taking place correct. All seems good.

But, I just checked the status from the command line out of curiosity with the command “insync status”. I get the following message:

Insync headless is not included in your “Developer Sync & Backup/Developer Sync & Backup” license. Visit for more info.

Could this be my issue also with updating to 3.9.1? Am I downloading the wrong file for my license? If so, how do I get it?

Hi @freelsjd, thank you for reaching out!

It looks like you have a license that only supports the Desktop version. Users who have this kind of license can check the status via the Insync GUI. See Q5 here.

I responded to the other thread pertaining to the Insync issues you’re still facing so we can get things back on track accordingly. Thank you!

And thank you as well. I am sure it will get fixed and be even better to use. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

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Thank you for your patience!