Pantheon Files Integration

I’m using elementary OS and am just curious if there has been any consideration in adding integration with the default file manager of this Linux distro to insync.


@Tyler_Melton I will +1 you on this feature request.

Thank you :smile:

@roald I think I’ve just sent you an email asking for this same feature request. I’d like to +1 as well.

+1 for this feature!!!

+1 from me as well for this feature

+1 from me too. This is needed ASAP. Please.

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I also think that Insync should support desktop integration for Elementary.

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I have added your +1 @playadito @mgarridosan @Lorenzo @erichouse98 @acutbal

Thank you for your support :smile:

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+1 from me too. This is needed ASAP. Please.²

+1 from me! Just upgraded to Freya and lost the nice UI interface.

Who can we donate to to expidite this?

I’d love to see a pantheon-integration, too :slight_smile:

Just a headsup for all elementary OS users here… I’ve created matching icons for Insync that resemble elementary OS’s style, including indicator icons, app icon, folder icon and all mimetype icons.
They are going to be included into elementaryPlus, it’s a community maintained addition to elementary OS’s default icon theme.

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I have added + for your request. Thank you for your support. :smile:

I’d like to see this feature, as well. +1

noted @donnyswany :smile:

+1. Elementary is a pretty popular distro now.

Noted @MikeySteele. Have a great day!

+1 I use elementary too :smile:

+1 I would like to see this feature as well

Hello @Mario_Guerriero,

I will +1 you on this.

Thank you.