Pause sync for a single folder

It would be great to add the chance to pause a single folder from syncing instead of just having the option to pause all syncing in every account, just adding a button aside the stop sync in every synced folder to pause/resume syncing that folder.


Hey @Tass! Thank you for sending your feature request! Could you please let me know how selective pausing would help make your workflow more seamless and efficient? :slight_smile:


I testing Insync for backing up my whole system in realtime to my Drive account.
That means quite a few high capacity HDDs.
So when I’m either uploading the whole data (like right now) or if just syncing the drives in the future, some of the disks got files over 100GB.

In my case, each 1 way synced folder is a whole drive, so when I pause a folder I would be pausing the sync of a whole 14TB drive, not just a folder within the drive tree.

Having the chance to pause the sync in certain drives (like the ones with huge files which usually are less important than other data) will let me pause all but my priority files/HDDs when I need an update to Drive to be made fast, while if every single folder/drive are running, what I really want to upload may take a later position in queue and take a long time to sync.

It also would let me pause syncing a drive if I’m working with its files and doing some masive change in them, so they only get synced when I’m finished and the CPU/HDD/NET load of the sync process won’t interfere with my working with the files. This way I could do this without closing Insync and let the rest of drives keep syncing.

Regards :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tass! Thank you so much for the detailed walkthrough. I can definitely see how selective pausing would streamline your large sync jobs further. I’ve forwarded this feature request to our Product Team for review :slight_smile:

It’s fine for me to pause sync for a single account.


This would be great addition, so I can sync an intermittently used external SSD (with a bunch of pictures and other media files). I vote for it!

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I second this feature request.

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