Paused due low disk space


Hey! I have been using the InSync trial version on my Raspberry Pi since yesterday and I have been very happy with it up until the point that I noticed it paused syncing because of low disk space. However, I am syncing to an external HDD that has enough free space for all the queued Drive-data and my InSync-location is located on an USB-Drive that still has plenty of free space. Is there a minimal required free space on the boot SD-card? Since there is only 180mb free on that one I figured that that’d be causing problems.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve found the answer in another thread – sorry for bothering!


Hey no worries at all! We’re here to help. :slight_smile: Glad you were able to sort this out. Feel free to shoot us a message for any app issues. Happy testing and let me know if you need anything else!