Paused sync results in file starting sync from the beginning

I had a 112GB file that Insync was uploading on my laptop. I paused it after about 6-7 hours so I could take my laptop with me. Later that day I resumed syncing the file but it started uploading the file from the beginning.

This never was a problem on 1.X when I would pause then resume a file upload.

Hi @moeschl,

Can you share what your OS and Insync 3 version are? The expected behaviour is that when a sync is paused, it should pick up where it left off. To confirm, you clicked “Pause syncing” at the bottom of your app, correct?

Hi @miamoran, I’m on Windows 10. The first time this happened I was on 3.0.31 and the second was just yesterday on 3.1.0. On the second time, the download reset after Insync told me that there was some sort of authentication error.

Any updates on this @miamoran? My file keeps periodically resetting and because it’s 112GB, it’s just not uploading in time before Insync resets the sync again.

It just happened again as I reopened my laptop and instead of resuming the upload as expected, Insync started it over from the beginning yet again.