Payed via paypal but insync still say i have to pay


I haved payed with paypal this morning. But insync still say i have to pay.

I use Ubuntu 14.04.


Same issue here, even after closing and relogging-in


Same here, purchased after originally trialling on Windows which expired, then installed trial on Linux Mint, logging in with same account and purchasing, the Expired Trial message does not go away or let me sync.

I strongly suspect the company is taking our money but manually authorising accounts for some bizarre reason, and being the weekend, we aren’t getting any action. Poor show Insync!

edit: in fact, it seems I am correct, see the following links. No automated account set up Insync? Think its time to move into the modern world of business!!

What really irks me about this, is that there is no clear indication of this process (there are a couple of well hidden pages, one example here and no email messages either) and I’ve bought this on a Sunday when I have time to play with the app and get it up and running on my systems. Now I have to wait for Insync staff to turn up on Monday morning, and I won’t have time to get working on this again until next weekend. So Insync have my money, I have paid for something I cannot use for another week.


@Thomas_Schiela @Federico_Iosue @Matt_Pull I’m really sorry for not being able to apply your subscription update sooner as expected. Payments made through PayPal, account upgrades done manually for now. When you purchase through PayPal after 5pm on Friday and during weekends (Manila time), your account upgrade is processed on the next working day (Monday).

We are now in the working on automating the PayPal payment process. Thank you for your patience and understanding. :smile:

If you have further issues and inquiry, please shoot me an email to


How long does it take for the desktop client (Linux) to notice that I paid for pro?

Insync on Ubuntu still say my trial is expired.


@Thomas_Schiela What paypal email did you use?


same issue for me, payed today with paypal




@Thomas_Schiela Looks like we emailed asking which you which Google account you wanted to upgrade. However it bounced.

Which account did you want upgraded?

@Ettore_Mastrogiacomo do you still have the same issue?



@Thomas_Schiela Refresh Insync and you are good to go. Thanks.



I am having the same issue. I paid with Paypal (nico (at) but the Windows client keeps saying I have to buy it. I already tried the “REFRESH” button and restarting the client.


Same problem and no help from support.
I paid with Paypal ( and i can’t active the client.
What can I do ?


Hi there, can you send in your Paypal transaction ID and the Google Account you want connected to Insync via :slight_smile:


same problem for me, have sent email, no answer


Same problem, but payed via card. And have no answers (via chat, email and facebook). I had to buy another application :frowning:


Hi @alex_alex,

I’ve already replied to your email and have fixed your license for you! :frowning: