Per-folder your Google Drive storage quota used report (file size in folders that eats your own space)


Google Drive storage contain many files, that don’t eat your own space, eg shared folders from other people, files from Google Photos, Google Docs documents.

But in Google Drive interface there are too hard to understand which folders contain your own files, that eats real space in your account.

Is it possible to make your local storage per-folder usage report (file size in folders that eats your own space) via InSync? If not, can you add this feature?


Hi @Murz,

You can check how much storage is being used by checking your local sync folder directly. However, did you mean this to be part of the Insync UI so you won’t have to open the file manager?


My file manager show sum of all files sizes, regardless of Google. But Google Drive counts sum only for files where I’m is owner, also files from Google Photo counts as zero size.

So I now I get warning that Google Drive storage is almost full. In Google Drive I have large folder structure, that contains many folder and files, and want to clean-up my Google Drive used storage space:

  • In my folder stucture there are many folders, containing files that have other owner, so they eats zero size in my Google Drive storage space, but eats size on local drive in my computer.
  • Also many files uploaded to this folder via Google Photo, so eats also zero size on Google but real size on my computer.

So now there are no easy way to understand, which folders eats more real space in my Google Drive, excluding zero-eated files. If InSync will do this report, that show folder size, excluding files owner by other users and Google Photo files, this will be great!


To further clarify,
in Google Drive, there’s a difference between “size” and “storage used”:

or in Drive API terms, a difference between size and quotaBytesUsed:

Local folder properties can only tell you the sum of size, but @Murz would like to know the sum of quotaBytesUsed.


@Hawk, thanks for clarifying, this is exactly that I try to tell! So now Google Drive interface show quotaBytesUsed only for single file, not for several files or whole folder.

Now I have more than 500 GB of total files in my own Google Drive with limit of 100 GB, so most of files are not owned by be. My 100 GB limit is off, so I need to find which files I must delete in whole Drive structure to free up my own Google Drive quota.

Will be very good and useful, if Insync will can automate counting sum of quotaBytesUsed for each file in needed folder! Something like:

$ insync-headless quotaUsed Folder/Subfolder
Folder/Subfolder quotaUsed = 2 886 123 bytes

Or maybe some tools for solve this task is already exists in other products or custom scripts?