Please provide rpm file for Clear Linux

Clear Linux is becoming increasingly popular. This is what I had to do to make Insync work in Clear Linux:

  1. Download rpm (Fedora, latest version)

  2. Extract rpm and install all files to /usr/local (to avoid conflicts with swupd, Clear Linux’s stateless package manager)

    cd usr/
    cp bin/insync /usr/local/bin/
    cp -r lib/insync /usr/local/lib64/
    cp -r share/* /usr/local/share/
    cp -r share/mime/packages/insync-helper.xml /usr/local/share/mime/packages/

  3. Edit /usr/local/bin/insync to append “–ca-path /etc/ssl/certs/” to the exec params, as this is the correct path for Clear Linux.
    The file should read LC_TIME=C exec ./insync "$@" --ca-path /etc/ssl/certs/

  4. Rename and backup the shared library provided the rpm as it conflicts with Clear Linux. This will force Insync to use libX11 provided by Clear Linux.
    mv /usr/local/lib64/insync/ /usr/local/lib64/insync/

  5. It works perfectly.


How to extract and install all files to /usr/local?