PowerShell control of Windows GUI version as well as headless

I manage a few machines running InSync for my clients and would love to be able to query these machines through PowerShell to ask InSync if everything is OK with the sync.

Now I have to ask a user on-site to go check the GUI of InSync manually.

If we had a way to do this through powershell, command line or similar, it would make our lives easier, and we’d surely start buying InSync licenses for many more customers.

Also, being able to control the GUI version through commands would make it easier to deploy through scripts, so that we could deploy InSync with a click onto 50 machines with little to no manual intervention.

I’m sure a lot of other technical users are in the same situation. Is anything like this in the works?


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Hi @CAP10_Bjorn,

While this use case isn’t in the works, I’d be happy to raise this to our Product Team as a feature request. Thank you so much for sharing what you envision to happen as well as listing the advantages of this idea!