"preview" & "accept" changes BEFORE commit

can you please add feature (switch on/off)
so user must “preview” and “accept” changes identified before insync commits?

This is a very important feature for many different times when using LIVE data.

  1. Testing beta / new releases
  2. Testing new / reloaded operating system
  3. Testing application reinstall
  4. Checking integrity of file comparison

I’m really surprised this feature isnt’ already included as it is a major help.

Just basic data would be useful:

Filename action: delete on local. deleted from cloud
Filename * upload to google drive*


I’ve noted this as a feature request @publow. Thanks!

We do something similar (to a very lesser degree) when users unsync files. A prompt appears to confirm the changes before Insync proceeds.

One challenge in showing some sort of “preview” would be handling big sync operations (i.e. gigabytes or even terabytes).

Thanks GIO
Here is an example screenshot from another app which syncs hard drives.

I understand your idea there might be concern for syncing large files.
My idea is not asking for something “extra” in terms of information about differences between files.

It could be implemented simply using the information that Insync already has available when it is comparing files locally & remotely to determine whether a file should be uploaded, downloaded or deleted.

All I am asking as the most basic version of this feature is for Insync to separate the process it is doing already: 1. Scan for changes 2. Process changes.

Separating this means just adding one more step:

  1. Scan for changes
  2. Present user with list of changes & ask for confirmation
  3. If confirmed, process changes, otherwise do nothing.

The hard engineering work is already done which is scanning for & processing changes.
All I am asking is a feature in the middle to show what Insync is going to do, and let users stop it before it happens if it is wrong or not desired.

This will greatly improve ability for users who want to help you beta testing, or just users who want more control and visibility over changes especially as many people use insync for work files which we cannot risk being lost or damaged.

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Thanks for the details @publow! Have noted this for future roadmap discussions with the team.