Priority Syncing

Hey there,

I have added a ton of files to my insync recently for online backup but now i need to sync some folders with a much higher priority for customers of mine, the backup can wait. Is this possible or planned anytime soon?

I’ve seen that you have a priority column in your “works” table in the database. can i use this to influence sync order?

thanks in advance


@silentdrummer We have this on our list of feature request. :slight_smile: I will +1 you on this. Thank you.

+1 Super Critical. I have some big long term uploads, but need a quick file to work on now. What is the status on this?

I’m currently doing this by changing the priority in the file database of said files. (first backup, than update, than start insync). It works like a charm so why is this such a problem to implement?

I would really appreciate a priority filter on file-type at least, better would be to implement a small list with regular expressions (or text with wildcards allowed) which are matched against the filename and modified by a certain priority value (positive or negative).

Was this feature ever implemented? I could really use it right now.

Hi @dostler! It has not been implemented in the code yet but I’m happy to forward this to our team for consideration in the near future. Thank you!