Problem syncing gdmap (My Maps) files

Insync 1.3.22 on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit (can’t try 1.4 beta, because it’s not released for 14.04).

I recently misconfigured insync to sync to a subfolder of my sync folder, and then I corrected that mistake, but did not delete the files in the subfolder. So Insync started uploading them creating a new cloud subfolder. No big issue so far, the reupload finished, but all my .gdmap files are left there with an error telling: “No permission to add foo.gdmap to Insync Folder”. This error offers me two resolutions - request edit access, or retry. Retry doesn’t help. Request edit access is weird, because it actually opens my GDrive requesting to allow myself to edit the files (but I’m their owner, so…). Nevertheless, even if I confirm this request, Insync is still unable to finish the sync.

I think it’s possible that .gdmap files are readonly via the api, but the insync doesn’t know about that. I think this kind of error should be treated in a more informative way.

Would you mind sending in your logs along with the link to this post to
How to find the log files

Any reply to this issue? I know its old, but I have the same issue with Insync trying to download gdmap and failing to lack of permission. Doesn’t happen on the Mac version of Insync or Windows.

Hi, I have the same issue on Windows (latest Insync v1.5.7).
I am sending logs to