Problem when running Insync as a service on Windows Server 2016

Hello! I use Insync as service on Windows Server 2016. I configure it according to this article: How to run Insync as a service on Windows Server Everything is OK, service is running and files are syncing.

But when I reboot my server, files don’t sync. Despite this,

  1. Service is start and running
  2. In Task manager I see two running processes: Insync.exe and Insync-cef.exe.

It seems like everything is working fine, but file sync don’t work. Only when I open service manager, find my Insync service and restart it (because it already work), after that syncing is working.

Can you help me to solve my issue?

Tagging our engineer @dipesh and he will get back to you.

@Karolino Sorry for the much delayed response. Could you send to us the Insync logs at so that we could look into the issue?


Hello @dipesh. I sent logs to this address, please check.

Is this still a problem? I’m considering buying but won’t if this is an issue. Can someone close this ticket if it isn’t?

This problem only affects network folders with password. In other cases, everything works correctly.

I realise this is an old thread, but I have the same issue ? not syncing, and the location I require to sync is a network folder that is only available to certain users, including the server admin. Can I fix this ?