Problem with Conflicts Handling

The following changes in the Version 3.1.2 are not useful for me:

  • Add Conflicts feed and settings for handling modification conflicts

My opionion was, that Insync keeps always the newest file, independent from Storage (local or cloud).
This was for my user case the best choice and should be the default. But I cannot choice this option.

I can only choice between:

  • Always ask
  • Keep local changes and upload
  • Keep cloud changes and download

I will go back to Version 3.1.1 until you implement this option.

Best regards

if you choose the “keep local changes and upload” option, it is the same as we had before. essentially, since the cloud saves as a version automatically, the “conflicted” local is just uploaded as a new version like before.

so you can stay with 3.1.3 :ok_hand:

Ok, then it was also in older versions wrong. The newest file should be keeped.

My User case is that I have two Machines (work and home) and only one is active at once. So I don’t know if always the local or der cloud versiond is the “actual” one. Only the newest file is a clue which are the “acutal” one.