Problems installing on Debian 9 (stretch)


Installed from debian repos:
ii insync amd64 Sync all your

Attempting to start issues the following:
[6193] Failed to execute script insync
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “insynclinux/gui/”, line 19, in
File “site-packages/click/”, line 1130, in call
File “site-packages/click/”, line 1055, in main
File “site-packages/click/”, line 1655, in invoke
File “site-packages/click/”, line 920, in make_context
File “site-packages/click/”, line 1378, in parse_args
File “site-packages/click/”, line 2360, in handle_parse_result
File “site-packages/click/”, line 2322, in process_value
File “site-packages/click/”, line 1273, in show_help
File “site-packages/click/”, line 299, in echo
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.7/encodings/”, line 19, in encode
UnicodeEncodeError: ‘charmap’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u2010’ in position 335: character maps to

This is debian 9, it only has python3.5, but the script expects 3.7

Any way to correct/bypass this?

TIA & regards,


Hi @ikaRus!

Let me check this out for you. Could you also please send us your logs.db and out.txt files to

Those 2 files are in ~/.config/Insync :slight_smile: Thank you!


I replied to your email with the requested files attached.

Thanks & regards,


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I got it to properly start with a non-root user.

For the home folder, I selected /home/public, when I was presented with the folder content I selected 2 folders to be synced.

What I now see is that the app is syncing the whole of /home/public instead of my 2 selected folders within that location.

How do I correct that? I tried to find a way to re-select but didn’t find any.



Hi Dudi @ikaRus,

Am I understanding that /home/public/ contain files that are being uploaded to the cloud? If that’s the case, then the local files will indeed be uploaded to the cloud due to the file-matching feature.

An option we can do is:

  1. Remove the account first to restart the sync
  2. Clean up the unwanted files that got uploaded to the cloud
  3. Choose an empty folder as your Base Folder.
  4. Then, do Local Selective Sync and choose the 2 folders that you want to be uploaded from /home/public.