Problems syncing nested directories with many small files with long file names

I have had a problem with Insync over the last few months. Suddenly sync hangs on one or more files marked indicated in the application as 0 kb to upload. Then it just hangs there until I restart Insync but even then it may hang on the same file(s) again.

I have noticed that it nearly only happens with nested folders. Lets say I have a lot of files in c:/folder1/folder2/folder3. If I copy or cut all the files in folder3 and drop them in folder2 or 1 I get these freezes where Insync can’t process some of the files and sees them as empty with 0 kb size. Very odd and very annoying. This happens on both Linux and Windows since I sync my Google Drive with one Linux and one Windows computer.

All in all InSync doesn’t seem to like many small files with long complicated and similar file names. That becomes a problem for me since I sync web site directories with hundreds of small similarly named files. I also have a pCloud account which also have have both a Windows and Linux client and there’s no such problems there.

Hi @cdysthe! Thanks so much for posting this. We’d love to look into the issue further.

When you can, please do send me the log files (logs.db and out.txt files) from both the Linux and Windows machines.

@cdysthe Please send it to with the link to this post :slight_smile: Thank you!

Looks like the issue is primarily manifesting itself as a “uploading 0 of X bytes” on the UI. I’ll check this out with our engineers further. Have also responded to your email, @cdysthe!