Problems with insync-nautilus and fedora 30

Recently, Fedora dumped support for python2-nautilus extensions, and since then, I just can’t use the insync-nautilus extension, because it always give me this error:

<IntrospectionModule ‘Nautilus’ from ‘/usr/lib64/girepository-1.0/Nautilus-3.0.typelib’>
Insync Nautilus Plugin
<class ‘insync_plugin.InsyncExtension’>
[init insync plugin] <insync_plugin.InsyncExtension object at 0x7f63b5d7ce10 (uninitialized at 0x(nil))>

Do you guys have any plans to start supporting python3 in nautilus extensions?

Hi there, so sorry for the late reply. Are you still on Insync 1.5? Insync 3 (our most recent release) is already on Python 3.

Hey! I do know the insync app is written in python 3, but the nautilus extensions still asks for python 2…

Any update in this matter? I’m almost 30 days without an answer.